I Love Your Tumblr !

thank you ^_^

15.Jun.13 1 year ago
Do u post any skate shoes?

No but i’ll start considering it.

15.Jun.13 1 year ago

I use to smoke stress now the shit legal. I can make a Rolls Royce feel like a Regal


cookie and cream :)

Just came across your blog and I have to ask: is your name really Hennessy?! That's awesome! Additionally, can a person really be called a sneakerhead if they only like/buy certain kicks (ie jordans/nikes).....I ask bc I've been asking ppl this lately

yes my name really is hennessy. For the record i am not a sneakerhead. A person can only be called a sneaker head when they get kicks because they them selves truly like it, the rest of the “sneakerheads” are hypebeasts, the hypebeasts can lie and say they truly like their kicks but they can never lie to themselves.

15.Jun.13 1 year ago

hope you guys like it ^_^

03.Mar.13 1 year ago

cement 4s

guys i have an ask box for a reason ask me anything , dont worry i dont bite… hard

02.Feb.13 1 year ago

more carmines <3

yesh im back ! ^_^ check out these bred 13s !

those 11s ;)

Love ur blog , it's the shitttt!

thanks , that means alot 

13.Jan.13 1 year ago
this is to dope shoes are sickk

thanks :)

13.Jan.13 1 year ago

follow me guise !

my new blog

hey guisse , just wanted to tell you that i made a new blog with dope things outher than shoes. ill still keep uploading to this one i just wanted to do more than just kicks but i still wanted this blog to stay true to just kicks , so thats why i made a new one. long story short just check it plz. thank you and i  love you all ! <3

03.Jan.13 1 year ago